Arbetslozer Marsh/March of the Jobless Corps

Cette chanson a été composée par Mordkhe Gebirtig (1877-1942). La traduction et l’interprétation sont de Daniel Kahn, accompagné dans son album, Lost Causes, par ses piafs masqués.

« One, two, three, four, join the Marching Jobless Corps
No work in the factory, no more manufacturing
All the tools are broke and rusted, every wheel and window busted
Through the city streets we go, Idle as a CEO, idle as a CEO
1,2,3,4, We don’t have to pay no rent, Sleeping in a camping tentg
Dumpster diving don’t take money, every bite we share with twenty
Let the yuppies have their wine, bread and water suit us fine
1,2,3,4, Worked and paid our union dues, what did years of that produce?
Houses, cars and other shit, for the riches benefit
What do workers get for pay? Hungry broke and thrown away
Eyns, tsvey, dray, fir, arbetsloze zenen mir
Nisht gehertkhodoshem lang, in fabrik dem hamerklang
s’lign keylem kalt fargesn, s’nemt der zhaver zey shoyn fresn
Geyen mir arum in gas, vi di kvirim pust un pas
1,2,3,4, Yorn lang gearbet shver, un geshaft alts mer un mer
hayzer, shleser, shtet un lender, far a heyfele farshvender
Undzer loyn derfar iz vos, hunger, noyt, un arbetsloz
One, two, three, four, pick yourselves up off the floor
Unemployment marches on, So we’ll sing a marching song
For a land, a world of justice, where no cop or boss can bust us
There’ll be work for every hand, in a new and better land
Eyns, tsvey, dray, fir, ot azoy marshirn mir,
Arbetsloze trit nokh trit, un mir zingen zikh a lid
Far a land, a velt, a naye, vu es lebn mentsh fraye
Arbetsloz iz keyn shum hand, in dem nayen frayn land »

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